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Why Train With TK?

Are you looking for the BEST HAIR EXTENSIONS in in Scottsdale Arizona, and the world!! You have found the ONLY certified Hair Extension Master in over 16 methods of Hair Extensions in Phoenix, Arizona.

New Dimension Extensions has been Arizona's Favorite Extension and Regrowth Studio  for over 2 decades!


1 HairDocTK. is a certified and licensed teacher of cosmetology, hair restoration advocate, and master hair Extension expert. After more than 30 years, (Hairdoc TK) ensures her clients extensions and color services are therapeutic, natural, and effective. (TK) has two mottoes -

Regrow, Renew, Retrain and Recreating Lives One Strand At a Time.

2. TK is a Natural Hair Restoration Expert, Master Hair Extensionist & Trainer and Organic Corrections Specialist  SINCE  1988 .....

3. Her PRIVATE  services and extensions training focus is in advanced natural hair replacement /extensions techniques, hair regrowth, and health and nutrition.

4. Her specialty is in repairing extensions not installed properly, regrowing hair that has been chemically damaged from overuse of hi-lighting, tools, mechanical misuse, and unnatural hair loss, trichotillomania (OCD Disorders) and thinning hair due to Autoimmune Disease. HairDocTK helps people become whole from the inside out with her diverse past knowledge and real life experiences.

5. "After 30 years of serving the beauty, entertainment, and medical industries, I have dedicated myself to reeducating  my clients, and all other licensed stylists who are not properly educated with ALL of the methods available as ONE method is NOT for everyone. Most extensionists do not offer cut and color etc., as this is a service only licensed professionals should be why go elsewhere?? this is ONE STOP SHOP with perfect color blends and no need to every go anywhere else except for a post service that should be done with your extensions.

6. As a 30 years extensions wearer with personal hands on knowledge, HairdocTK knows exactly what the pros and cons are of each and every method out there; and has created her own line of tools, orders DIRECT overseas for all her stocked-hair, has trained both international and nationally, traveled to Europe, China, India in order to get the best quality for her clients, stylists and consumers.


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