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Welcome to my PRIVATE wellness training salon setting where you get ONE on ONE attention without any interruptions.

HairDocTK, A certified and cosmetology teacher and a certified  hair restoration and master hair Extensionist, after more than 30 years, (HairdocTK) ensures her stylist are trained in advanced extensions and color services that bare personalized, natural, and effective results. (TK) has two mottoes - Regrow, Renew, Retrain and Recreating Lives One Strand At a Time. She implements this mantra with all of her salons she works with as certified locdocs

TK is a Natural Hair Restoration Expert, Master Hair Extensionist & Trainer and Organic Corrections Specialist. Her training focus is in advanced natural hair replacement/extensions techniques, hair regrowth, and health and nutrition. Her specialty is in repairing extensions not installed properly, regrowing hair that has been chemically damaged from overuse of hi-lighting, tools, mechanical misuse, and unnatural hair loss, trichotillomania (OCD Disorders) and thinning hair due to Autoimmune Disease.

HairDocTK helps fellow stylists  regrow their business and their client's hair with her diverse past knowledge and real life experiences.

I teach  7 methods as every client is NOT the same nor should all wear hair the same.
I have my own patent pending tools and offer advanced education to those in need.

Some of the methods I have taught for are: great lengths, socap, micro links, locs, beaded wefts, keratip, cold fusion, wefts, shrinkies, snuggies, tapes, flat tracks, lace frontal, wigs, speedy weaves, sewins, supreme bonds.

With over 30 years of personal hands on experience in the beauty, entertainment, and medical fields; I have now realized how many people really need my help. Book your private one on one training class and learn how I beat cancer and hair loss with my hair regrowth and extensions programs.

Did you know the average head sheds about 50 hairs a day?? Anything more than this is considered hair loss.

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